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Why is it a must-have?

  • Increases the earplug’s audio quality ⬆️
  • Removes dust, grease, crumbs, fingerprints, etc. 🧹
  • Eliminates damage that might shorten your device’s life 📱
  • Cleans your phone screen, keyboard, AirPods, and other devices/peripherals ✨
  • Aesthetically pleasing 🌟
  • Portable 🎒

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In accordance with safety regulations, the spray bottle in this kit does not contain detergent or alcohol, however the customer can add detergent or alcohol to the spray bottle after receiving it.


Mac Childs
Verified Buyer

This a great, handy little product that I use daily. Wake up, sweep up, play up. This thing gets the hairs and dust out of my expensive keyboard, laptop, controllers, mouse and even my piano. I love this thing and would not hesitate to buy another one if I need to for any reason. It also comes apart and has another neat little tool for hard to reach places or stubborn hairs.

Conah Morin
Verified Buyer

Believe it or not dust accumulates a lot on keyboards computers etc. They just seem to be dust magnets. Before I'd use a moist towel or compressed air to clean my board. Neither of these methods were very effective. This brush is very useful. The only thing I can think to improve is the way the brush attaches to the handle. I would have preferred it screw into the handle rather than just friction fitting it. I can imagine this coming loose and I'd probably have to glue it in permanently at the expense of the eraser tool (not a big deal but could be better).

Dave Reyes
Verified Buyer

Way better than the gel stuff I tried. I know its different from the gel but it cleaned my keyboard with ease! The bristles are soft and the brush is just the right size. I love this new tool for my office!

Ellie-May Davies
Verified Buyer

I originally bought this brush to keep my mechanical keyboard free of dust and grime. I have since switched to a MacBook and use this routinely to brush my keyboard and trackpad. I was using the small tip to clean my AirPods but the tip gets damaged easily and I'm not sure how long it will last. My only complaint is that the handle can come off very easily and is not very secure. You learn to work around this though.

Ananya Newton
Verified Buyer

Amazing product it might seem expensive but it is a few tools in one, and to not damage my stuff for once cleaning it (especially MacBook Pro retina screens/Touch Bar all that) the rubber parts are genius. Wish the directions were in English also, and I can’t figure out what the extra piece is for, but I’m so glad I splurged!

Freddy Santos
Verified Buyer

compact and it does the job ! love the design and the color. just like the picture

Elaine Turnbull
Verified Buyer

very nice, looks good and works great just like description

Homer Davenport
Verified Buyer

Brush soft and static is caused material highlight the damage without cleaning available

Jaskaran Lennon
Verified Buyer

I love it, cleaned my keyboard and airpods perfectly!

Sumaya Bolton
Verified Buyer

Works great! Cleaned out all the dust from my keyboard & my airpod pros

Daanyal Sanders
Verified Buyer

I never again want to let my keyboard collect hair and dust and other gross stuff, and this brush has made all the difference in that. A little sweep once a week helps clear out almost all of the hair, and the other included tools make sweeping out the rest a breeze. Especially any of the built-up gunk.

Dora Fry
Verified Buyer

Great brush and key removal tool. Its size is perfect to keep in an easy to reach space on top of my PC desk. The bristles are strong and flexible enough to get in just about all crevices. I even use it to brush the dust off the monitors and stands and even the screen of my car audio unit, AC vents etc. The key remover is very easy to use and is very strong, yet gentle enough not to damage the keys. Is a very convenient tool to have. I recommend it.

Hubert Bernard
Verified Buyer

Then you see all that dust. This little brush is a life savor. Dust drives me crazy and when the sun hits at a certain angle I just see a ton of it on my keyboard. Taking simple green and a papertowl takes a while to clean it up right and it still does not look perfect. This brush makes it pretty easy to clean off. It also dusts other things that are normally not fun to dust. Highly suggest it. The only complaint I have is where the handle comes off it comes off a little to easy.

Isobelle Benton
Verified Buyer

Highly recommended. I use this during my daily cleaning/upkeep to sweep the dust and particles that fall between the keys of my k100. The bristles are long and very soft but hard enough to scrap the crap in between keys. I bought this only for the brush as I bought a better "pen" with rubber/silicone tips to get in them tough corners. The tips that come with this brush feel more like plastic instead of silicone or rubber. Only gripe was the price but it's hard to find a long enough brush that lasts for something like this.

Maddy Obrien
Verified Buyer

I actually like this tool, I keep it near my desk at all times now just to brush away debris off my mousepad and keyboard. It actually gets a surprising amount cleaned without removing the keycaps, but you're definitely gonna have to remove them once and a while if you want to keep your keyboard clean, especially if you're prone to eating at your desk like I am.

Avery Craig
Verified Buyer

I work at home & live with 2 cats so fur is always in the air ☺. This brush is soft & keeps all my equipment dust & fur free and the small brushes in the handle are great for cleaning between the keyboard keys.

Hadley Huang
Verified Buyer

What a great little item. I use it daily for my desk, pc vents and it works great. Also has a key puller and rubber tip to get in the cracks, plus its very soft so it won't scratch anything. This was a great 2am random Amazon buy!

Kloe Russo
Verified Buyer

This is a handy little tool that helps clean pesky and hard to reach areas in keyboards as well as other sensitive electronics. The little edging tool for the bezels of monitors is especially nice . My only minor gripe is the brush bristles seem like the come out easy. Other than that, it's a great product.

Geoffrey Savage
Verified Buyer

This is extremely soft and is a go to for cleaning my keyboard now. It’s way easier than using a microfiber cloth and the rubber tips and key puller is really nice addition, would highly recommend to anyone.

Saskia Massey
Verified Buyer

If you have a mechanical keyboard, this is a must. If you have ANY keyboard, I think this is a must. I use a Corsair K95 RGB and compressed air dusters only do so much. This gets the rest. I wish I'd taken before and after pictures, but my keyboard looks basically brand new.

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