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Melt the ice away through your car’s surface in no time using only this antifreeze electromagnetic car snow remover!

This remarkable solar driven device delivers an excellent defrosting performance that can tackle pesky damaging snow and ice on your car. Featuring an electromagnetic molecular effect that purposely targets the blankets of ice without the harmful radiation and heating. Moreover, this antifreeze device not only clears snow, but it also helps to prevent refreezing between storms. It promotes NASA engineering that can work against any exceptionally cold weather even from temperatures ranging -20°C to -80°C. Making it a great quick fix solution to remove ice and snow on your vehicle without the hassle of manual ice scraping each morning anymore! 

The electromagnetic car snow remover is conveniently powered by solar energy and it works automatically as it senses low temperature. No worries as it can melt ice daily on your car panel exterior without causing damages to the engines and car performance. This device also comes with a strong adhesive base which enables it to be securely placed onto your vehicle’s interior without slipping. What’s more? It is non-obstructive and is compact in size so it won’t take up much space while still ensuring to de-ice a wide area to your car’s surface. Suitable for all vehicle’s model and types like SUVs, vans, sedans, trucks, pickups, hatchbacks, and such.   

Protect your precious vehicle from the damaging accumulation of snow using this antifreeze electromagnetic car snow removal device! 


  • Advanced Defrosting Technology
    A groundbreaking solar driven invention that promotes a superior de-icing effect to deliver the quickest solution of tackling stubborn ice from cars. It employs a smart technology known as the ‘electromagnetic molecular interference’ that works by activating and accelerating the molecular motion of ice and snow. Furthermore, as the motion of molecules increases, it overcomes the attractions that water molecules have for each other which results in rapidly melting ice on cars surface. This device even helps in preventing water from easily solidifying even in low temperatures to ensure that vehicle’s won’t refreeze back in such extreme environments. Its NASA engineering performance allows it to successfully work against temperatures ranging from -20°C to -80°C, the same cold condition on the surface of Mars!

  • Super Safe And Effective
    This advanced anti-freezing device applies electromagnetic principle that only purposely targets snow and ice. Allowing it to successfully clear the blanket of pesky ice covering all over your car exterior with not a touch of harmful radiation and heating effect. Moreover, the snow remover does not also cause any side effects that might damage your car performance, engines, and exterior panels/materials. Providing you the best and safest defrosting solution that can automatically eliminate ice and snow without the hassle of manual ice scraping every morning anymore!

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    The electromagnetic snow removal tool offers an all-round 360° de-icing capabilities with an easy-to-install adhesive base that can be securely placed into any smooth surface. It is conveniently powered by solar energy which enables it to do the job right under sunny conditions without the need of any external power supply or complicated wiring. Simply peel-off the protective film at the base, wipe the surface that you’re placing on your car interior, stick the device into position, and done. No worries as it starts defrosting once it senses low temperature and is also wide enough to cover all your car exterior parts. Leaving no ice cubes and annoying snow patches that you need to clean up after.

  • Wide Compatibility 
    Perfectly compact in size aso it can be placed almost anywhere in your car interior without taking up space or causing obstruction. Moreover, this electromagnetic de-icing tool supports a modernized, sleek look that would look cool and complement any car interior. It can effectively clear ice and snow falls onto the exterior of any small or big vehicle’s models. Suitable for all luxury, off-road, and economy SUVs, minivans, vans, sedans, trucks, pickups, hatchbacks, and more possibilities. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic materials and advanced technologies with a remarkable, automatic fast defrosting performance. It does not emit any harmful odors and chemicals to ensure you can ride on your vehicle without sacrificing your overall safety and health. What’s more? This anti-freeze electromagnetic device does not overheat and it also does not pose any threat to your car’s mechanics. It can withstand multiple years of defrosting through any blizzards or wintry seasons without damaging or weakening. 


  • Size:  84*84*33mm
  • Power: Solar energy


  • 1 x  Anti-freeze Electromagnetic Car Snow Removal Device


Alex Hamilton
Verified Buyer

Wow, it's really great! I immediately ordered four more for my friends. The only downside was that the delivery person was a bit rough, which caused some damage to my packages!

George Carr
Verified Buyer

I have to give credit where it's due—the delivery speed was incredibly fast. When they told me it would arrive within 3-5 days, I had my doubts, but I actually received it on the fourth day. I'm looking forward to testing its effectiveness this winter!

Colin Terry
Verified Buyer

My unwavering belief in it stems from the fact that this device was developed by NASA, a background that significantly bolsters my confidence. Now, my sole hope is that it will truly make a positive impact for me this winter!

Jonathan Andrews
Verified Buyer

When everything around is blanketed in white snow, my car remains unaffected and even stays warm, with not a trace of ice or snow covering it. This has made me truly appreciate how wise my choice of the electromagnetic molecular interference anti-freeze and snow removal device was.

Joshua Parry
Verified Buyer

To be honest, before I placed the order for this device, I was quite concerned that it might potentially ignite my vehicle upon startup. However, after using it for a while, I realized that these worries were completely unfounded. If there were any real safety issues, it wouldn't be allowed for sale online. Therefore, I want to express my gratitude for this molecular snow removal device! I no longer have to worry about my vehicle being covered by heavy snow during blizzards!

Michael Collins
Verified Buyer

I'm not exaggerating when I say this molecular snow removal device is really good; its effectiveness is truly evident. In the midst of a snowstorm, it has genuinely lightened my load considerably!

Alexander Gaulin
Verified Buyer

Fast delivery and good product. Say goodbye to freeze situation with my car.

Amanda K.
Verified Buyer

Delivery is so quickly and nice product. I love it. Will get back.

Lucy Paul
Verified Buyer

I bought it for my dad and he is happy with it. Thanks

Owen T.
Verified Buyer

Wonderful item. I recommend it.

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