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TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS, MADE FOR EVERYONE⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I work in security and these gloves have saved my hands from ugly injuries many times. Super durable and protective!” – John S.




Emissionr™ Indestructible Gloves are made from the highest quality materials and feature cut, wear, and water resistance levels not seen on the market.


  • Ultra Protective – Effectively protect your hands from cuts, bruises, scratches, bumps, burns and more. Fitted with a thermoplastic rubber knuckle protector that absorbs impacts and fully protects the hand and wrist.
  • Extremely Durable – Made of high quality microfiber sewn with double thread, leather and kevlar, the gloves are very durable, abrasion and tear resistant.

  • Touchscreen Compatible – Thanks to the screen-friendly properties, you don’t have to take off the gloves when using your phone.
  • Anti-Slip – The reinforced PU layer of the palm improves anti-slip performance.
  • Excellent Grip – with dual-layer synthetic leather palm featured by anti-skid gridding.

  • Waterproof – Our gloves are made of waterproof material, so you don’t have to worry about cold and wet hands.
  • Versatile – Ideal for work and various outdoor activities: paintball, camping, motorcycle, cycling, dirt bike, climbing, hiking, tactical training, etc.


The fingertip undersides are touchscreen compatible, so you never have to remove the gloves when accessing your phone.

Size Guide:

Package includes

  • 1 *  Indestructible Protective Gloves


Verified Buyer

Great Tactical gloves! The quality is amazing and i have nothing bad to say about them. Would recommend and would buy again if needed!

Sisqo O.
Verified Buyer

Great Tactical gloves! The quality is amazing and i have nothing bad to say about them. Would recommend and would buy again if needed!

Verified Buyer

Loved them! So comfortable, ease of use and they seem to be durable.

Robert S.
Verified Buyer

I’ve always loved TopTacticalGear. Personally. I like how free the normal gloves are, but bought a pair of these after having been issued indestructible series. These are a massive improvement over the normal ones, and is almost like a middle ground between the indestructible and the normal gloves. Plus, there is touch screen capabilities.

Verified Buyer

Use these for everything in the shop, work very well for protection. Have used them a lot and been very durable. Are comfortable and allow for good dexterity, even for things like hand threading screws. Have bought many pairs of TopTacticalGear gloves and like all of them. These particular pair are notably more protective for knuckle protection and I use them more for heavier duty tasks.

Nathan R
Verified Buyer

Best hard/padded knuckle gloves I've used. Well made, good materials, good design, good value, touch screen feature works well, durable. I have several pair and will continue to buy them as needed because I am VERY hard on gloves. Recommended.

Francisco Y
Verified Buyer

Worth every cent !! Bought them and are alas comfortable as powerful! Is a must for any man or action willing to go on adventures.

William Dotson
Verified Buyer

GREAT Gloves I Love these gloves. And I only use them for work, but they are comfortable and really protect my hands. I had a young man come in and trim my 150' tall pines in the back yard and he told his ground man to make sure and remind him to get a new pair of gloves. Well, I had an extra pair of these, and he was doing a wonderful job, so I gave them to him. He was repelling, cuttin', etc. and he was so impressed. He said they didn't get hot from the rope sliding through his fingers, fit well, even asked me where I got them .... REBATE ME ... I got ya a new customer! lol .. but really they are the bomb.

Ray Dobbs
Verified Buyer

THESE GLOVES ARE AWESOME! I drive an 18-wheeler and I've been driving for nearly 30 years! I always used to get the cheap work gloves you by at truck stops, until I found these! I have purchased three of these not because they've worn out but because I use them for different reasons! On my job I can't tell you the number of times I've gotten my hands cut scarred while opening and closing trailer doors as well as using the landing gear lift crankshaft! Not with these gloves on! I even use a pair while practicing my martial arts! These gloves are a must for anyone who wants to protect their hands on their job or at home!

Verified Buyer

The Answer! These gloves are being used at work. I load items into trucks and sometimes I squash mt hand . Well these are the answer to that poblem. And their comfortable and can still use my phone.

Verified Buyer

These gloves ROCK! I was looking for some tactical gloves, that protect your hands, but at the same time provide good dexterity. These gloves are perfect! They look and feel very well made, they’re very flexible, and can pack a good punch! I normally wear a M-L glove, but I got these in a Medium, and they form fit my hands perfectly. A tad snug, but better for a snug than loose fit with this type of glove.

Verified Buyer

This glove should be your first choice! For the record: I am no craftsman, I wear a size small, and I am comparing this to my previous set of gloves the Rebow Tactical that I wore for almost two years but got destroyed quickly once I started riding a motorcycle. I bought these gloves for the purpose of motorcycle riding, firearms shooting, and everyday useage. (I really mean every gosh darn day because I have a fear of touching stuff so I wear gloves all the time.) I’ll be going over the feel, the construction, and it’s downsides. Keep reading if this sounds slightly for you. These gloves fit me exactly right out the packaging! It feels nice, flexible, and so firm I can type on a keyboard with them. (I type about 45WPM, about 40 with the gloves on, 30 with the gloves on touch screen.) Your fingers will stay where they are in the gloves, there isn’t so much give that it will shift around on the inside slipping and the pinky fingers are perfect unlike most gloves that have long pinky fingers for some reason. Most people worry about the hard knuckle obstructing your range of motion but for me I can still move my fingers back as naturally possible. The cuts and construction still let me keep my fingers wide and my wrist moving. It will definitely keep my hands warm in average California cold. Speaking of construction, it’s overall leather design makes it a huge step up for my purpose and use. It’s thin enough to have definite movement but thick enough that if I were to slide in a crash it would protect me just the right amount. I particularly like the rubber lines on top of the fingers (unfortunately not on top of the thumbs) since it’s an added bit of safety without compromising movement, and it actually ever so slightly bounces my fingers back to straight so that’s good. The Velcro does not stick to any other part of the glove other than it’s Velcro self, my previous gloves were made of a material that would catch the Velcro sometimes thus making it wear out faster. The strap is also 1 inch thick and not too long meaning it has more surface to grab, doesn’t have too much hanging over, and looks aesthetically pleasing. The gear loops are large and sewn apart and that’s good for putting a carabiner through quick and easy, something that can be annoying over time if the hole is too small and I felt that with my old gloves. It has an accordion like design that you’ll see on the parts that bend like the back of the wrist, the back of the fingers, and thumbs and that’s used the right amount not compromising safety. These gloves are honestly great for a cheap price and what I need. These are touch screen compatible. It’s do able, but if you use the flat finger print part of your fingers for your phone, this may take some getting used to. I also understand that most gloves are sewn a certain way on the index, middle fingers, and thumbs for touch screen but with how it’s done om most not name brand gloves may be a bit risky in a motorcycle crash. (Go search some expensive motorcycle gloves like Alpine Stars Touchscreen gloves and look at the index fingers so you know what I mean.) The ring and pinky fingers will be fine though since it is still part of the larger material with not cuts and sews. Don’t let these small downsides discourage you, these are totally awesome gloves! If these very little things were somehow miraculously fixed, there is no beating these. This should be everyone’s standard and first glove.

Verified Buyer

MUST HAVE GLOVES ... These ACTUALLY are touch screen compatible! You would be surprised how many claim to be and arent! The adjustable wrist strap is AWESOME! Only complaint is that the index finger is a tad short on me. Annoying, since everywhere else fits perfectly. Ill likely stick something in there to try and stretch that finger out.

Samuel Worstell
Verified Buyer

Excellent! Perfect fit and comfort. First gloves I've found that have tactile sense and allow doing anything as if barehanded.

William Camp
Verified Buyer

Well worth it... Ordered these figuring if they sucked I'd video shooting them up at the range. I was very pleasantly surprised. They not only don't suck but they are the best tac gloves I have ever had, really... and Ive had a bunch. They came fast and are as good as they say. Thanks TTG

Verified Buyer

Love them! I got my gloves about 2 weeks ago and I am so happy with them and their performance! They offer all the protection that's advertised!

Maden M
Verified Buyer

Very good gloves Excellent gloves, very happy.

Matheu Shaffer
Verified Buyer

Best gloves I've ever owned They have held up to my shop class and working on my car plus they are super comfortable to play airsoft with.

Donadrian Smith
Verified Buyer

Great gloves I got them and used them at work. They felt great all day. Good protection from sharp objects. It protects the knuckles from bumps. I love these, I have 2 pairs

Rick Son
Verified Buyer

Awesome! Grrreeeeaater than frosted flakes.Fit perfect!Excellent for bug out bag.

kelly jones
Verified Buyer

Very happy with purchase Identical to the description, good quality and compliant with the standards. Very happy with my purchase, I recommend.

David Courson
Verified Buyer

Best gloves ever Fitment is perfect. May be the best fitting gloves I've ever bought. Touch screen is very good.

hunter reed
Verified Buyer

Satisfied Very good quality, arrived in 4 days, good shopping.

Julio Ramirez
Verified Buyer

Best for your hands Perfect fit, easy to use.

Gerard Marion
Verified Buyer

Everything I expected... great. They are definitely what I expected and wanted.... As a senior, in these trying times, you need to be able to protect yourself as well your partner from hoodlums.... I feel safe with them.... thanx.

Sarkhan Jafarli
Verified Buyer

Amazing product I didn't get it yet just ordered 10 m ago but from the review I can tell it's something special

Orrin B Hutchinson Jr
Verified Buyer

Tactical Gloves These gloves are the real deal they work perfectly. I’m going to buy another pair just to have

Bradford Rand
Verified Buyer

I have had these gloves for 6 months+ - they are indestructible to say the least. The are comfortable and you can literally punch a wall, break glass, do ANY construction work, BBQ over heat... anything. Buy them if you do anything with your hands. (I was not paid for this, I'm a real person and actually really love these gloves - they are the best hands down)

Tim Fox
Verified Buyer

Recommend! Identical to the description, good quality and compliant with the standards. I'm very happy with my purchase, I recommend the gloves.

Verified Buyer

Satisfied! Very comfortable and protective.

Tori Alexander
Verified Buyer

Great quality but a little big Really impressed with these gloves. Great quality and functionality. I took my measurements and ordered a size small, my only complaint is that they are still a little big. Looking for ways to get them to shrink down a little.

Chris Phillips
Verified Buyer

Perfect Perfect quality and incredibly comfortable

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